20. Sep, 2018

Dead Of Night Movie Download In Hd

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An abused woman conjures up a spirit to take revenge on the men who have misused her.

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original title: Dead of Night

genge: Action,Comedy,Horror

imdb: 4.2

duration: 1h 35min

tags: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the deadliest of them all...

keywords: domesticviolence, voodoo, dualpersonality, threewordtitle, witchcraft, independentfilm

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An abused woman conjures up a spirit to take revenge on the men who have misused her. The reviews on this site are really out of date. This film HAS been transferred to DVD -- by Troma no less -- and this film was most definitely not made with a super 8! Though I do have to agree with one review, that I wonder if the person who wrote the back of the box had even seen this film. Anyway...

Here's a somewhat entertaining film about a housewife who gets beaten and choked and she decides to conjure up evil spirits and rip some throats. Really, the first half of this movie is hilarious and entertaining, with a chick killing people for the most random reasons ever. "Don't touch my mirror!" "Don't ever touch my candles!" After about 40 minutes, the film loses steam, though it picks back up in the fitfully bizarre and over-the-top finale which features some weird makeup, ridiculous special effects that have to be seen to be believed, and sloooooow moooooootiooooon. After the first 40 minutes there's really no gore to speak of, and my mind kind of wandered after that point.

Really, except for the gore, there's only two things that make this film worth sitting through: The main actress is extremely cute with her short and spiky red hair, and the movie focuses on her 100% of the time. Also, the acting -- especially the two male leads -- is probably amongst the greatest examples of overacting ever. Not a bad film but nothing special either. MIRROR OF DEATH is a very low budget supernatural horror film put out by Troma. I doubt anybody else would have touched it because this is a very low quality piece of film-making that looks pretty grotty if I'm honest. The story isn't really up to much either so the whole production has a time-wasting feel to it.

The narrative involves a female protagonist whose cursed mirror invokes in her a second personality, a kind of demonic presence that goes around killing the men who have offended or taken advantage of her in some way. There's a lot of dumb character work, dumber dialogue, and various padded scenes that make this a patience tester till the end. It's one of the most boring '80s horror films I've seen.


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